Date: Jan 11, 2013 10:23 PM
Author: David Park
Subject: Re: Has anyone got code for a Smith Chart?

The Complex Graphics routines in the Presentations Application contain
routines that make it quite easy to draw Smith Charts and plot impedence
curves on them.

I have posted an example at Peter Lindsay's web site at the Mathematics
department at St. Andrews University. It should appear within a few days. It
has a Mathematica notebook and a PDF file.

David Park

From: David Kirkby []

I'm looking to plot data colected via an experiement on a Smith Chart. Does
anyone have code for one, which will save me the not-inconserable effort of
writing one?

There is one in the Wolfram archive
but that is written for a very old version of Mathematica, and it appears
unable to plot experimental data.

There is also a Smith Chart on the Wolfram Demonstrations project

but that one has a serious flaw. If one puts R=50 Ohms, C=0, L=0, then the
point should be in the middle of the Smith chart, not to the far right hand
side. It must be the most obvious point to plot on a Smith chart, but it