Date: Jan 15, 2013 5:17 PM
Author: Daniel Robbins
Subject: Analysis of variance

Does anyone know if there is a repeated measures ANOVA function in the stats toolbox? anova1 is not the correct function and I am not sure if anovan can be used this way? I have one group of data that has been analysed several times, in SPSS or excel I would simply select 'repeated measures anova' but this is not appearing in MATLAB help - any ideas?
To provide a clearer example I have one group of temperature data (n=20) which is being measured at systemic time intervals (15 times). I have checked the old posts posts I can find via Google but cant quite seem to make sense of them.
I note that the Friedman test is availlable so I presume there is a parametric option?

Any/all help is greatly appreciated!!