Date: Jan 17, 2013 3:46 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Objectification of Hypnosis and The Four Player Game...

So a poster to usenet crunches the numbers and posts his findings to
usenet... Am I going to go over that person's derivation line by line
to determine what, if any, mistakes he has made? No, and I don't have
to since hypnosis is a short cut to my need to re-crunch the

So the dude who claims white holes exist is left with what? So I say
that white holes are temporal and that leads to what? Temporal leads
to teleportation and that is a no-no... or a no-go... or maybe a
little of both... Glass is a safety issue and if I'm headed in the
direction of the implemenation of safety standards then teleportation
is a safe ploy... Teleportation is a ploy given that I have an
objective view of what implementation of safety standards is up
against. The more tangible the need that there is for safety
standards, the more relevant teleportation becomes given that it is
always possible to forget the most important thing.