Date: Jan 18, 2013 6:24 PM
Subject: Origin of Races and minimum size for a viable population; NOVA<br> "Decoding Neanderthal" #194 Rockthrowing theory book

Origin of Races of humanity and minimum size for a viable population

Now here I am thinking of the early humans in North America of the
Clovis Man, whether they came from Asia over Alaska, or whether they
came across the Atlantic somehow in the last ice age.

And I wonder about the mathematics of viable populations. For example,
suppose what came over to the Americas was 2 males and 2 females.
Pretty soon there is going to be interbreeding of similar genetics. So
my question is, at what numbers of males and females do we need for
the population to overcome the deleterious affects of the genetics
being too close and giving unhealthy offspring. Do we need something
like 100 males and 100 females
before there is a positive growth in offspring with not so harmful
health issues due to closeness of genetics?

We should have some answers from species going extinct, in that the
condors or other species is viable with 200 individuals. But there is
a species of turtle in China which has less than 10 individuals and
the offspring mating with other offspring seems to be unhealthy

Now the reason I am asking this question is to figure out what the
size of the gene pool was for the entry of Homo sapiens into North
America for the first time that was a successful entry. Because if the
first entry was 2 males and 2 females, I doubt they could have a
viable population unless the trickle into the continent was say 4 new
individuals every year, or say a group of 200 individuals all at once.

So those kind of questions shed light on whether the Americas were
populated via the Atlantic crossing or via the Pacific crossing
through Alaska.

Of course, the main thesis of Race origins, is the thesis that Vitamin
D uptake is the driving mechanism. So that the three races of white,
black, yellow are environment driven answers to proper Vitamin D
uptake, balancing the amount of sunlight, the clothing worn, the skin
color, and reduction in hair.

Now another question that is nagging, is why did the China and Indian
subcontinents become the explosion in human population. We can safely
say that once Homo sapiens arrived in China and India some 10,000 or
more years ago, that China and India held the largest populations of
humans than anywhere else.

Now a glib answer would be that there was plenty of food and not
severe climate. But maybe the answer is more complex than that.

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