Date: Jan 21, 2013 4:20 PM
Subject: another photo Re: Bubble Chamber track *photo* that may disprove the<br> Standard Model Chapt15.40 which initiates the free neutron decay,<br> pre-electron or pre-proton Experiment #1167 New Physics #1287 ATOM TOTALITY<br> 5th ed

On Jan 21, 9:16 am, "Christopher Strevens"
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> I think you mean case e I looked and if you trace the negative particle
> track it then decays into one positive and one negative particle
> possibly as a result of another collision.
> However the masses of the two positive particles and the mass of the
> negative particle look about equal. If it was an electron it would be a
> tight spiral like the other electrons in the plate.
> Neutrons do decay into a proton and an electron with a half-life of ten
> minutes.


Chris, what I am looking for and what I need is simply a Bubble
Chamber track of a neutron decay into proton and electron and

What that decay will show (I suspect) is that the electron comes out
first in the neutron decay. Further along the track you see the proton
and the neutrino. But all I need to show the Standard Model is fake
science is that the electron causes the neutron to decay and to show
that, I need to see a bubble chamber track in which the **electron is
the first particle in a neutron decay**

As simple as that. And as simple as that, which was overlooked for the
past 70 or 60 years or however long the Bubble Chamber was in
existence. The Standard Model predicts the proton is the first
particle to appear in a neutron decay. The Maxwell Equations predicts
the electron is the first particle to appear in a neutron decay.

Here is another photo of a neutron in a Bubble Chamber, and unless I
am mistaken, I see the electron on the lower right of the Vee curve.


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