Date: Jan 22, 2013 4:15 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Freeze The Needle

Fermilab is a capacitor inside of another capacitor... A scanning
tunneling electron microscope can make just one minor delicate
adjustment to the orientation of that capacitor and then 'freeze the
needle'... Well, that capacitor is like a spool and a chaotic series
of events follows after the spinning process begins... I can follow my
understanding of the process, I don't know how it correlates to
Fermilab's implementation of their process. Ultimately, what it comes
down to is that I'm always going to apply pressure given that I'm
under a scanning tunneling electron microscope... A vastly superior
design is possible given my expertise with knots and since science
continuously drags their ass with respect to knots... Spiral
structures lead to this premise, so don't blame me for it... It isn't
as if existing technology doesn't have any relevant application
elsewhere... Skunk probably needs it, so give it to them.