Date: Jan 23, 2013 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: ZFC and God

On Jan 23, 3:47 am, "Jesse F. Hughes" <> wrote:
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> I take it that this new tack is so that you don't have to concede the
> point: there is no mathematical publication which claims that the
> above union contains elements larger than any natural, nor any
> publication which claims that this is what it means to be infinite.
> If you want to discuss paths in trees, we must first finish this
> point.
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Usenet is a rather poor publishing medium, but Muckenheim won't be the
first to suggest, in writing, that the natural numbers are a continuum
and have infinite elements.

For example, in a theory where only finite sets are regular, the set
of all of them contains itself: this is well-known as Russell's

As well where the hyperintegers model the integers, those are
hyperfinite. This is in print.

That's not to discount Boucher's F nor Paris and Kirby's non-standard,
countable, natural integers.

Usenet is a rather poor publishing mechanism.


Ross Finlayson