Date: Jan 23, 2013 9:33 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: "Building an Innovation-Based Economy" (Brookings Institution Study)

Further my initial post dt. Jan 23, 2013 1:18 AM on the Brookings study on "Building an Innovation-Based Economy" (, I searched a little further (despite the dismissal by one of our participants here of the Brooking Institution as being a "left leaning" group, and, implicitly, perhaps a member or even a leader of the infamous 'Education Mafia'). 

I found that the Brookings people have identified four major 'areas of focus', as follows:

- -- Energy and Climate

- -- Global Change

- -- Growth through Innovation

- -- Opportunity and Well Being

Investigating each of those links, I discovered I have EXACTLY the same criticism of ALL their work as I had tried to make clear in mine of Jan 23, 2013 1:18 AM ( and of Jan 23, 2013 8:38 AM (

Just HOW? and HOW? and HOW? and HOW?

Investigating yet further, I found the following:

Everybody, everywhere (at each and every part of the political spectrum), seems to be very reluctant to investigate the HOWs of things!

People on the 'far right' simply hate to seek out the HOWs of things.

The "left-leaners" (such as the Brookings Institution) also seem to be very reluctant to do any of this (as shown here and earlier).

The far lefters too (such as the Maoists in India, others elsewhere) - they ALL seem to be reluctant to investigate the HOWs? of things!! (I hesitate to personally go out to ask them such a question - as I hesitate to ask most of the far righters too, unless I am a safe distance away - for fear that they will pull out a gun or other weapon and do me in).

Anyway, I would consider this to be quite an amazing - if not exactly an absolutely ASTOUNDING!! - phenomenon of the functioning of ALL societal groups.

I do not know whether I should lay claim to this as being a true discovery that I've made about 'societal systems' - or whether others have previously discovered/investigated it. I do wish I could have asked John Warfield about it. I do not quite know how to ask Google about it - when I do try to ask, I get some HUNDREDS of MMMMMMMillions of links (about the 'far-left' alone), which evidently I cannot even start to investigate.

What do YOU guys think??

("Still Shoveling!")

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