Date: Jan 26, 2013 4:18 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Why is Warped Space Important?

Spiral structures are under frame shifting given boundary value
problems... I have folding dimentions by the short hairs if I apply
myself to warped space? Well, if that is the case then don't insult me
with a job offer for less than 50K a year... I'm too old to work for
peanuts. I have folding dimentions by the short hairs by default...
Really, what it amounts to is that one has to be under fusion to be
under cold fusion... 'k, well, I'm under fusion, but premise for cold
fusion is contrived without my knot theory... There has to be premise
for warped space, otherwise, there is no premise for cold fusion...
You don't have premise for warped space if you think that folding
dimentions amounts to anything... I quess some quantum type thinks
that folding dimentions and cold fusion proves the split in their
equations... I don't think splitting equations works like that. What
does work is to build a better scanning tunneling electron microscope
based on my knots if you ever want premise for cold fusion.