Date: Jan 26, 2013 4:37 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The Masquerade Complex

String theory is, in fact, about music... so what makes the science
types believe that they can use it to jack a rod up the ass of Rock
and Roll? It's just really amazing that Rock and Roll is seriously
threatened with such a horrible and contemptable death and it's all
for the sake of 'The Masquerade Complex'...

What is a masquerade and why is it important? ANS: A royal court has
structure and a masquerade has structure given the context of a royal
court... I comprehend the structure of a masquerade and the issue is
that in America, I quess I'm expected to believe that since there are
no royal courts here then the only solution to the problem of people
who have a masquerade complex is to surgically alter their appearance
to mock that of the opposite gender... Well, that might be the
solution to the problem but only because you claim that such is the
case... You say,'gender dysphoria'... I say,'masquerade complex'...
(shrug)... Does all of humanity's scientific endeavors come to a
screaching bone rattling halt just because it might possible be
insensitive to people who have 'gender dysphoria' or a 'masquerade
complex'? Really, I would just love, love, love the idea of
objectifying that I do not care but the fact of the matter is that
'gender dysphoria' and science do not mix... They are mutually
exclusive ideals.