Date: Jan 29, 2013 5:51 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Re: Imperial Knight Sir Kevin

On Jan 28, 6:27 pm, Kevin <> wrote:
> It can't be the case that Sir Kevin is a Knight of the British Realm
> because without ladies in waiting, knighthood is an empty honorific...
> 'Imperial Knight Sir Kevin' is more appropriate because first of all,
> the Supreme Court of the United States government is the most deeply
> complexed entity of all when I speak of those having a masquerade
> complex... Uh, why doesn't psychiatry transmute the gender of everyone
> on the supreme court bench if that is the solution to the problem of
> their having a masquerade complex? (Hilary and I are in denial that we
> have any empathy for each other... Washington politics isn't tough,
> Hilary... From the outside looking in, Washington politics is a
> *MASQUERADE BALL*... I might have reason to feel threatened by Newt if
> he and I should have any genuine empathy between us... It may be the
> reason he doesn't seem to have any stress management issues.)Hacking
> the internet for the sake of improving the security of the internet is
> admittedly a ploy so what is the truth of the matter? The truth of the
> matter is that banking is not threatened by hackers... Bankers would
> love to be supportive of what hackers are trying to accomplish against
> the government but for obvious reasons you're not going get
> verification of that fact from them... I'm serious about the lion's
> heart... The lion's heart is a very serious thing, don't you know... I
> can objectify CERN is the space that is between myself and the
> bathroom mirror and I can do it faster than anyone else on earth.

Lion's Heart (sans ladies in waiting) plus Elizabeth 'The Great' (sans
ladies-in-waiting) equals Imperial Knighthood... There is structure to
imperialism... Imperialism is objectifiable and objectified by The
British... I'm not shocked by American ignorance in this regard but I
am awed by the fact that The British Crown can teach me something I
wouldn't have suspected.