Date: Jan 31, 2013 10:05 AM
Author: Steven Lord
Subject: Re: Problem with TreeView(uitree) and UIContextMenu

"Yair Altman" <altmanyDEL@gmailDEL.comDEL> wrote in message


> 2. getappdata - this was indeed removed for some inexplicable reason by
> MathWorks (I believe in R2012a). Use try/catch and/or the object's
> UserData or some other means of storing your data persistently. Bad, bad,
> MathWorks!

Could you clarify what you meant by this, Yair? I have release R2012b open
and it recognizes GETAPPDATA just fine.

>> version
ans = (R2012b)

>> help getappdata
getappdata Get value of application-defined data.
VALUE = getappdata(H, NAME) gets the value of the
application-defined data with name specified by NAME in the
object with handle H. If the application-defined data does
not exist, an empty matrix will be returned in VALUE.
*snip the rest*

The online documentation also indicates that GETAPPDATA is still present.

Steve Lord
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