Date: Feb 4, 2013 3:50 AM
Author: Edric Ellis
Subject: Re: Parallel Toolbox

"Edwardo " <> writes:

> Edric M Ellis <> wrote in message <>...
>> "Edwardo " <> writes:
>> > If I need to read a lot of files that are in my home directory on a cluster and
>> > the other matlab workers are in other computers, (cores) (because is a
>> > cluster...) the workers can have access to a file that is in my home directory??
>> > (the answer mut be no right??)

>> That depends on how your cluster is set up. Some are set up so that all
>> worker nodes can see a common filesystem.

> Thaks for the info! So, Let's say that the other computers can see my
> home directory in the cluster. That means that they can read a file,
> each one? that will be awesome for me.

They should be able to.