Date: Feb 5, 2013 4:09 AM
Author: Jos
Subject: Re: access matrix

"amira ali" wrote in message <keohlb$51a$>...
> need help urgently
> i have location of interest points in matrix A(2*13 ) where 2 is x,y of point and 13 is total number of points for example:
> x y
> 72.6781959551728 46.7543453323974
> 71.9155271184922 100.930596158669
> and i have another matrix called flow (120*160) this matrix contain velocity of every pixel (v in x direction) and (v in y direction). all i need it how can i get the velocity of 13 interest points from this matrix flow so finally i must have
> x y v(x) v(y)
> 72. 46.7543 0.087396 -0.135287

Using x and y as indexes in a matrix requires them to be integers ...

Your question is also not very clear. You have "another matrix called flow" which is 2D but you index a one-dimensional vector v, using v(x) and v(y).

Please rephrase ...

~ Jos