Date: Feb 5, 2013 5:17 PM
Author: Jeff
Subject: Re: How do I pass a value to a function called by ode45?

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> > I want to pass a value (beta) to a function which I'm passing to ode45,
> > but I can't quite fiigure out how to do it from the documentation. Here is
> > the current function to be passed:

> These examples show two approaches of how to pass additional parameters into
> the function called by FZERO; those same techniques work with ODE45.
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> Steve Lord
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Unfortunately, I cannot use nested or anonymous functions. The functions I'm calling are in separate files. I cut down the example I typed in, but basically, it uses an if..elseif block to choose a function based on other parameters.

I was able to make my sample work by adding a third parameter to the declaration of f and then using this call:
[t_steps,s1]=ode45(@(t,y) f(t,y,beta), t_steps, s0, options);

But I can't say I understand what it's doing. And I note that t and y are not given values anywhere before the @(t,y) part of that command. But the correct values are being passed into the function (at least the first time) and I'm getting the results I expect.