Date: Feb 6, 2013 12:31 AM
Author: Muhammad Imran
Subject: Re: Sorting of multidimensional matrix

"M@lik Ali" wrote in message <keskec$j3n$>...
> I have a matrix like below
> fset(:,:,1) = rand(5,16);
> fset(:,:,2) = rand(5,16);
> fset(:,:,3) = zeros(5,16);
> i sorting as
> [sorted_fset iundex]= sort(fset,3);
> My problem is i have 999 small matrix in a big matrix like this
> means fset(:,:,i),i=1,2,3,4....999
> I represent the each image actually,
> now when i sort the matrix it sort for me but i cannot recognize the index of each image.
> Like in above case fset(:,:,3) will be fset(:,:,1) but actually it was 3, so how can i recognize the image index after sorting in this case. if any confusion please comment

Please help me out, if there is any confusion can ask again.