Date: Feb 6, 2013 9:27 PM
Author: Didier laplot
Subject: Problems with version 9.0.1 trial on Windows and Mac

On Mac 10.6.5 the application has a generic icon. Having found a
previous 9.0.0 trial, I determined that what is new is that the icons
in the application bundle are of a higher resolution, presumably
because of Apple recommendations and new APIs related to the
introduction of high resolution laptop screens. By copying the
Resources folder from the 9.0.0 trial to the 9.0.1 one, the problem is
solved: the icons are displayed as usual. But this is not something
that one is expected to do.

On Windows, no luck. My Windows XP virtual machine goes into a blue
screen and restarts as soon as I launch the 9.0.1 installed trial. But
I have just seen that the minimum requirement for Windows XP is SP3.
So this might be the cause. But even then one would not expect the
system to shut down when the program is launched. I heard about the
bug on Windows when version 9 was out and I heard it was quickly
resolved, but this is possibly something different even if the
symptoms are the same.

Good day.