Date: Feb 8, 2013 5:20 AM
Author: JS
Subject: Stack order of patches in barplot

Hi NG,

I have an axis in which I plot two data sets as bar plots. I have a loop that loads one set, plots it and then loads the next and plots it. The X-values are common to both sets. All good, but in some cases a value of the second set is higher than the first, causing it to cover the first bar that was plotted at that x-position. Is there a way to traverse through the graphic objects and then "move up" a shorter bar so that is in front? As far as I can see, the individual patches (bars) do not have handles, so how to get to them?

Thanks very much in advance!


PS I know that I could of course test both values for each x-value and then simply plot the tallest first, but that is not a very elegant solution IMO..