Date: Feb 8, 2013 2:17 AM
Author: Wayne Bishop
Subject: Re: Rotten to the Core: War on Academic Standards

Short of time, I have ignored this thread completely but finally 
decided to read through it. Shortsighted bias, such as is indicated
with this one, fail to notice that Fox News followers often exceed
the combined total of all of the other cable channels. There are
reasons for that. Back to Dom's original post, he is correct except
for being a decade or so late. The 1989 NCTM "Standards" were the
Holy Grail of mathematics education "experts" for the decade or more
that preceded it, some going clear back to the early days of the New
Math. The CCSS are an improvement over many states' imitation
standards but a definite step backward for the ones with good
standards such as my California and Massachusetts. My real fear is
the unknown nature of what the corresponding assessments are going to
look like and how they will be used both externally and within
America's classrooms.


At 06:50 PM 1/28/2013, CCSSI Math wrote:
>Malkin is a Fox News contributor, i.e., her opinions are founded on
>a right wing, anti-government ideology. Her rantings against Common
>Core have nothing to do with Common Core's actual substantive merits
>or lack thereof.