Date: Feb 10, 2013 3:35 AM
Author: David Park
Subject: Re: Using a notebook - how to add a caption and ...


For the picture you might try something like the following:

ToBoxes[Image[pastePictureHere, ImageSize -> 400] // Framed //
Style["A beautiful picture", 16, FontFamily -> "Ariel",
ShowStringCharacters -> False], {{Bottom, Left}}] &]],
CellMargins -> {{200, Automatic}, {4, 4}}

However, I don't know how to keep the picture centered if the notebook width
is changed.

Using Framed and Labeled (or sometimes just Labeled) is a good way to add a
"caption" to any graphic. In my opinion much better than using PlotLabel,
which is practically archaic.

To obtain a dynamic entry in a Text cell use an InlineCell.
omega = 3.4
Then a Text cell:

In the following the value of omega is Dynamic[omega] until it is changed

Here the Dynamic[omega] is put in an InlineCell and then evaluated in place.
Then whenever you change omega it will also change in the Text cell.

David Park

From: Eduardo MAM Mendes []


I have been using notebooks to write reports for a while. Although I am
getting by (the package Presentations by David Park has been of great help),
I still have some points that I am not sure how to handle. Ok, here they

a) Insert-> Picture-> From file inserts the jpg as advertised however I did
not figure out how to add a text box that works as a caption just below the
figure in the same cell. Of course the cell cannot be evaluated, so I have
turn off that option. If there is a way to add the caption, I wonder whether
the whole cell - picture + caption - could be centered justified.

b) Style - Text - How to create a dynamic cell, that is, suppose I have a
text cell as follows

After some calculation the value of the variable omega is 3.4.

Instead of 3.4, I wonder whether it could be the actual calculated value of
omega. If omega changes I do not need to change the text cell to update its

One thing that I've noticed is that one has to keep the cell size to a
minimum, otherwise lots of almost blank pages come out of the printer.

Any tips and help will be most appreciated.

Many thanks