Date: Feb 10, 2013 4:42 PM
Author: fom
Subject: Re: Matheology § 210

On 2/10/2013 5:07 AM, WM wrote:
> On 10 Feb., 00:04, Ralf Bader <> wrote:

>>> And here is a not very important but very interesting example: In
>>> MathOverflow I am not welcome.

>> That is: You are no longer welcome.

> because I show what a silly theory matheolgy is and what contradictory
> arguments the matheologians there apply. For instance the Binary Tree
> with level omega!

>>> Everything is immediately deleted.
>>> Therefore, in June 2010 I put a question under cover.

>> If they tell you to stay away you have to do this - as
>> a moral obligation and as a legal obligation.

> As I have shown and as any sober mind will understand they cannot tell
> anything to anybody but to IP-addresses. They have no legal power to
> censor the internet. Anonymous appearance is explicitly allowed.

It is unlikely that propositional logic is
foundational just because it can be differentiated
from its various extensions.

We learn deontic logic from our corporeal limitations
in the world.

We apply deontic logic because of bad behavior like
that above.

Then we suffer the consequences of absolute power
from time to time in our history.

> Minorities always had to find their own ways.

To call yourself a minority because of your finitist
views may be correct. However, you do not bring
mathematical discussions involving the research
of either mathematicians or logicians who actually
do productive contrarian studies.

You are a terrorist in spirit. And, your statement is
the logic of reminiscent to that a terrorist uses.