Date: Feb 11, 2013 2:40 PM
Author: kirby urner
Subject: Re: Rotten to the Core: War on Academic Standards

> [6] The Mayor of Portland wants to cut the benefit
> where a high school student ID card is also a bus
> pass. The high schools don't have bus fleets
> and kids are supposed to get to school on city buses.
> Their ID card was also a bus pass. A one way ticket is
> $1.65 or $3.30 a day or $16.50 a week or $66 a month
> not counting after school events etc. What a horrible
> thing to have a mayor like this. Everyone I'm talking
> to is quite upset that we have this mayor and they're
> ready to vote him out tomorrow, even though he
> just got in. Such a cruel, stingy, nasty society,
> this one. I feel so sorry for the kids born in the USA
> today. It's a really militaristic ugly place.

Here's how we're visualizing the mayor these days:

I just signed a petition to keep the Youth Pass alive.

Note my comment suggests a mathematical model wherein
making bus service more expensive to students will
motivate more car use, by themselves and/or their
guardians. We will clog the roads with more cars and
increase the wear and tear on our environment by adopting
a short term myopic response to subsidies. We think
we're being "fiscally responsible" in discouraging the
young from habituating themselves to bus use, whereas
we're actually just depriving youth of a freedom. I don't
wonder at talk of a walkout. Home schooling could be
looking a lot better too. PPS better have a plan in

Question for Paul: would the Swedes be this dumb? This
is why I think English-speaking Americans especially are
at such a disadvantage: apparently their thought
processes have been damaged, their language corrupted
(beyond repair?). The spread of idiocracy has been
semi-paralyzing. I'm not sure we can afford to keep the
schools going if this is the product they turn out. "Get
smart, not schooled" may be the right slogan for our
times. You have more access to knowledge from home than
from a library that filters and monitors your access (with
very limited library time to begin with).


I signed the petition and gave as my reason (optional):

"dropping it will increase teen car use, parent car use, and urban living standards will deteriorate"


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> Multnomah Youth Commission and OPAL are seeking help to spread the word:

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