Date: Feb 11, 2013 4:27 PM
Subject: Chapt15.44 Deriving Radioactivity or Weak Nuclear force purely from<br> Maxwell Equations #1220 New Physics #1340 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Chapt15.44 Deriving Radioactivity or Weak Nuclear force purely from
Maxwell Equations

Until now I never had the need to derive Radioactivity from the
Maxwell Equations. But recently I learned that free neutron decay is a
subset of Beta decay. So when I asked for Bubble Chamber photos to
prove that the electron initiates the free neutron into decay, and not
the Standard Model prediction that the neutron of its quarks udd leads
the decay by the proton as initiator into uud.

So, there I was harming my eyes in trying to look for a Bubble Chamber
photo that shows the electron taking the lead in the free neutron
decay, when all I really needed to do is show that Beta decay is in
fact proof that the electron leads and initiates the decay process.

So I need a chapter on how the Maxwell Equations derives the force of
radioactivity or the Weak Nuclear force.

I need to do this because I need to show that the Maxwell Equations
delivers the neutrino as a longitudinal wave composed of magnetic

Now imagine a neutron in an unstable nucleus just about to undergo
Beta decay. Which of the Maxwell Equations is involved? Well, my first
choice would be the Faraday law, that the imbalanced neutrino as a bar
magnet of magnetic monopoles inside the neutron is causing the
electron and proton to move inside that neutron. And if those magnetic
monopoles of the neutrino (probably antineutrino) is strong enough, it
will have the electron come ripping out of the neutron, leaving behind
a proton.


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