Date: Feb 12, 2013 9:45 PM
Author: Saravanan Mani
Subject: XUnit Framework

Hello All,
1. I need to explore xUnit framework concept. I don't have idea about this Tool.
I have model, How to test the model with help of xUnit. Can any one explain me very simple example please. I need example for how to write a test cases, how to feed the input through test cases, How we are getting actual output and how we are verifying expected Vs Actual output. I gone through this xUnit framework, I don't know how to explore there, that's why I have asking for example. Please if I may be wrong please advise me. I need to test my model very urgent purpose, Please help me.
2. Can any one tell me How to test MIL test, I have model only. what are all the things should be needed for to test MIL in MATLAB environment, I don't want to go for any third party tool. Because I want to test my model very urgent purpose.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,
Saravanan Mani