Date: Feb 14, 2013 10:22 AM
Author: Steven Lord
Subject: Re: Memory leak in num2str(integer Array, '%d')

"Andrew " <> wrote in message


> But the size is exactly twice what I expected, since I thought char was 1
> byte, but it is apparently two bytes.
> 14984304 bytes * 2 = 29968608 bytes
> 29968608 bytes * 2 = 59937216 Bytes

C = 'a';
whos C

shows that the each element stored in an array of char data is 2 bytes long,
not 1.

"MATLAB strings are of type char and are stored the same way as unsigned
16-bit integers except there is no imaginary data component. Unlike C,
MATLAB strings are not null terminated."


Steve Lord
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