Date: Feb 15, 2013 12:40 PM
Author: Don H
Subject: Re: Hawking Now Concedes: Intelligent Design

"BroilJAB" <> wrote in message
> "Atheism was premised on a naive belief that
> 10^4000 odds could be overcome. Now we accept
> Intelligent Design as the governing paradigm."

# The odds? That a room full of chimpanzees, banging away on typewriters,
could produce the Encyclopedia Britannica?
But it doesn't quite work that way, and the human eye wasn't designed
from the start, but evolved from a simple light-sensor, which, even today,
has many defects.
Does an Intelligent Designer solve The Problem - or only move it one
stage further back?
Who is the Designer, and what is the Purpose?
Any dynamic Universe must operate according to various "laws", and if we
can detect these "laws" amid the seeming chaos, then, well and good.
Causal consequence is the result, but this does not imply predetermined
A Big Bang may fit in neatly with Creation, but what existed before BB?
Steady State is not the only alternative, but an Oscillating Universe
is possible.
Still, a Mad Ape whose brain evolved as a food-gathering tool, is
hardly likely to get more than a glimmer of understanding before, soon,
becoming extinct.
As a seven billion human plague, chomping up the planet, we can't have
much time left.
Our Designer will then have no one to talk to. Or, rather, to be
talked to, as it is only if you claim that God replied that they lock you up
as a nutcase.