Date: Feb 26, 2013 11:52 AM
Author: David DeLaney
Subject: Re: Problems with Infinity?

Frederick Williams <> wrote:
>Don Kuenz wrote:
>> beginner's language, Cantor uses two sets to define two levels of
>> infinity. One set, Aleph-0, holds countable infinity. The other set,
>> Aleph-1, holds continuum infinity,

>That the cardinality of the continuum (c = 2^{aleph_0}) is equal to
>aleph_1 is Cantor's continuum hypothesis which modern set theory settles
>neither one way nor the other.

Stronger than that - it's provable that it CAN'T settle it one way or another,
unless you extend the theory one way or another (Axiom of Choice, etc., as
Brian already noted).

>> which includes Aleph-0, along with
>> every possible arrangement of Aleph-0. The infinities of complex
>> variables belong to both sets, as does every other common infinity
>> found in mathematical literature.

>Surely not.

Right - "large cardinals" are extremely bigger than either one, and set
theory these days contains a good bit of work on them.

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