Date: Feb 27, 2013 2:12 PM
Author: CCSSIMath
Subject: Re: Rotten to the Core: War on Academic Standards

Dear Professor Talman,

It took awhile to figure out where your email came from.

If you read the mathforum thread fully and understand who Malkin is,
you'd understand the word ``ideology'' in context means political
ideology. Malkin and others often refer to sections of the US Code
that prohibit the federal government from mandating curriculum.
That's their sole basis for argument that Common Core should be
abolished and control of education returned to the states. It's an
anti-government, tea party-type argument, but is not based on content.

As our blog states, we don't lay claim to math expertise, or expertise
of any kind. You kindly give us too much credit to take issue with
our opinions. If you support Common Core, why don't you speak out on
it, rather than hiding? You may not care, but the future of K-12 math
education is at stake, and if you teach undergraduates, you may want
to care.

You can attempt to engage us in private debate, but what's the point?
Feel free to comment positively or negatively, but publicly, on our
blog, where we attempt to expound on issues in math education.
Credentialed mathematicians speaking out for or against Common Core
will have a lot more credibility that the ``education pundits'' who
dominate the current discourse.