Date: Mar 1, 2013 11:05 PM
Subject: Colleges and Universities hosting the sci. newsgroups, not commercial companies

On Mar 1, 9:33 pm, Graham Cooper <> wrote:
> On Mar 2, 12:13 pm, Jeff-Relf.Me <@.> wrote:

> >   No, Archimedes?Plutonium, I don't work for Google or anything like that. Few of my own posts get indexed by Google Groups; to get indexed, a post must have "quality" replies. To make a lasting/meaninful contribution, edit Wikipedia; Google Groups is uncensored, it's too wild to index fully. Were G.G. fully indexed, people would use it to game the system, to boost the rank of certain web sites.
> wot rot!
> and could give PR0 to any spam looking posts just as easily as  cull
> them.
> Google Groups search can't find hardly any of my posts, or anybody's
> posts in the last year.
> Groups Search is broken that's all.
> When it's fixed all the posts should show again.
> I used to be able to track any post I could vaguely remember with
> Advanced Groups Search, it was like an enhanced memory for nearly a
> decade.  Now it's more like Altheimers..
> I'll be leaving Usenet when the New Google Groups replaces the old.
> Unless another web browser can provide such a simple service as
> displaying a Usenet Group.  For some reason NNTP and HTTP are mutually
> exclusive.  Old Google Groups was 90% functional and they totally
> botched it!  New groups is worse than cripple ware newsreader
> program!  So when old Google Groups is gone, so will I be!
> Herc

Graham, please try to get a University in Australia, where you live,
to host a science newsgroup. Perhaps Monash in Melbourne. Perhaps
sci.anthropology or some other science, just like what Drexel
University hosts sci.math, only they call it sci.math.independent.

We need the field of education hosting the science newsgroups, not
some big commercial company like Google hosting science news. Science
and education need to be separated from commercial companies and that
is the trouble of the sci. newsgroups at the moment, for Google is
having "growing pains" and that means making dollars, not what is good
for science news.

Can you help in this effort? Ask the Universities in Australia if they
can host a science newsgroup much like Drexel University.