Date: Mar 4, 2013 8:29 PM
Author: Brian Q. Hutchings
Subject: Re: Deformable platonic "solids"

did you see, _The Fifty-nine Icosahedra_ ??

> 53 real variables, 29 algebraic equations.

concept of perpendicular universes. in my universe,
you are not a descartesian ... what ever you actually are.

teh British isles lost a hundred years on the Continent
-- or at least it was different -- because
of the political attack on Liebniz by the "Venetiean party."

she ain't mesville, dood.

fix the unit line to be the diameter,
use tripolars.

> It smells like Rolle's theorem.

1. fix the circle to hexagonal -- down with the trigon!
> 2. Write and compute with an 'extra' factor of 2 where needed with pi?

> > the fault with Newton's so-called theory, is that
> > it makes the exact same error as Descartes,
> > in his hamfisted analogical "proof" of Snell's law
> > of refraction between two media (or,
> > it won't work with Liebniz's calculus-defining challenge
> > of the brachistochrone (or tautochrone),
> > that of "ray-tracing" in a medium that increases
> > uniformly to the ground.