Date: Mar 20, 2013 1:58 PM
Author: Curious
Subject: Re: Successive Matrix Midpoint Operations

"K" wrote in message <kicrhl$2r2$>...
> I'm having a tough time understanding how to do this properly.
> Imagine I have a matrix = NaN(9,1) with values at matrix(1,1) = 1 and matrix(end, 1) = 9.
> So: [1;NaN;NaN;NaN;NaN;NaN;NaN;NaN;9]. I want to perform a mean of the numbers and place it in the center of the matrix so: [1;NaN;NaN;NaN;5.5;NaN;NaN;NaN;9], then I want to take a mean from the first to the center value and the mean from the center to the last value, so: [1;NaN;3.25;NaN;5.5;NaN;7.25;NaN;9] and so on until I have this: [1;2.125;3.25;4.375;5.5;6.35;7.25;8.125;9]

A couple of questions/clarifications - First, why wouldn't the first result be:


Second, is your vector (matrix) ALWAYS of odd length? Even so, what if its something like:


what do you want on the second iteration of:


Do you want:




> I'm using mean as just an example in this case; I wish to perform other operations as I go, so the result won't be as uniform as described above, but the pattern is the same.
> Thanks for any insight,
> KP