Date: Apr 1, 2013 1:41 PM
Author: Guest
Subject: struct command in loop

I have a for loop, where in each loop I want to put a 12 by 4 matrix into a structure.
The 12 by 4 matrix is generated in each loop, so then I want to assign each newly generated matrix into a new field of the same structure.

So for example I have this matrix called "Mat", and its elements are regenerated in each loop, so in the first loop I can write something like

field = 'field1'
mystruct = struct (field, Mat)

then in the second loop I have to write something to change my "field" script, like in the second loop it should be changed to

field = 'field2'

so that once struct is run, it assigns the new "Mat" to another field. My problem is how to write field so that is changes from 'field1' to 'field2' and so on in each loop!

Sorry, I know this is easy for you guys out there, but I m sort of a novice!

I appreciate any help.