Date: Apr 6, 2013 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: Matheology § 224

On 6 Apr., 20:34, Nam Nguyen <> wrote:

> > Every counterexample of GC, if existing, is a fixed natural number.
> > But I do not pretend that I know such an SS...S0. And that statement
> > with, say 42, does not play a role in my arguing.

> > ~GC <==> Counter example with a fixed n in |N exists. <==>
> > Fixed n in |N can be found. ==> Goldbach conjecture is decidable.

> You're incorrect in that:
> ~GC is syntactically of the form Ex[P(x)]. No "fixed n" is required. Period.

Try to understand mathematical contents, not "syntactic form".
You may use n or x or y or what you like. If you have been taught that
different names like x and SS...S0 change anything of relevance in
mathematics, then you should try to get your tuition fees back.

Simply try to apply some common sense!


Regards, WM