Date: Apr 26, 2013 7:03 PM
Author: Scott Berg
Subject: Re: Matheology � 258

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>> Matheology § 258

>> > Irrationals are not real
>> e is a real number, so is Pi.

>> > {{ - at least they have no real strings of digits,
>> they are represented by strings of real digits,

>Nobody can read, write or use an infinite string.

your opinion.

0.1111....... is an infinite string, however it is also represented by

>Real numbers are represented by *finite names* that allow to
>*calculate a rational approximation up to any desired digit*. This is
>generally called a potentially infinite sequence (of approximations)
>and often mistaken as an infinite sequence. But it is not the same as
>an actually infinite string that defines, by sequence of digits, a
>real number without doubt.

easily handled by assuming an error ball and show it aproches 0

>No string of digits, without a finite formula to generate it, defines
>an irrational number.

wrong, what is solution of equation that is equal to its derivative ?

>> > and only countably many of them can be defined in a language that can
>> > be
>> > spoken, learned and understood}}.

>> have you counted them ? How many are there ?
>Not more than aleph_0

so you have not counted them, and do not know how many their are. Isnt that
the same as putting a bound on numbers as above?

>Regards, WM