Date: Mar 30, 2013 1:45 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The Science of The Holy Spirit

So the implications of magic are that I have no means to exert
control. God is a thing that is always furthest away so what about The
Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is an entity that controls by way of
magic. The Holy Spirit is smaller than anything that is scientific. (A
'top down' organization is an organization that believes in magic...
Is the Catholic Church evil because it is a top down organization? I
would argue that such is not the case since The Catholic Church admits
to a belief in magic.) The Holy Spirit, being present and smaller than
anything that is scientific implies that I am impeded by magic that
The Holy Spirit uses against me. I cannot control anything by ways or
means of magic so who does this characterize? An autistic Engineering
professor is The Holy Spirit. An autistic Engineering professor
controls his students by way of magical means... It is ironic that The
Holy Spirit can be trusted and employed in industry... I can only be
employed in an industry that has structure... I'm typically content no
matter what the outcome since a lack of structure is the obvious
reason for 'rejecting the stone that becomes the cornerstone'. Well,
an autistic understands the controlling nature of the people around
him. I say that autistics and The Holy Spirit are too passe for me to
care too much about it.

If it doesn't work in my favor then it works against me and is
therefore the enemy... is patently not logical... and the operative is
'patent'. If it is patent then it must be a good thing... Right? Ya
can't get rid of the n-word because the n-word is the most 'patent'
thing that there is. Magic doesn't pertain to logic. Logic and magic
are the same in terms of the utility to control those who don't want
your controls on them.