Date: May 6, 2013 8:40 AM
Author: Rosemarie Mohais
Subject: New website for learning/teaching undergraduate mathematics 

Exdraft is a start-up endeavour that aims to help university students break apart first year mathematics into understandable and digestible pieces. The approach is to solve problems using simple, clear, and straightforward terms. You can customize many of our example problems with specific values of your own. This allows you to see principles being applied to an exact problem that concerns you.

Do you want your students to focus on just those problems that concern your syllabus at a given moment? Exdraft provides you with the ability to create your personal "Custom List". You can create such a custom list with problems that you select from the existing collection, and which you may even choose to customize. Then simply get a direct link address pointing to your list, and you can email it to whomever you want.
The current version of the site consists of a complete set of Linear Algebra problems that would be found in many first semester mathematics courses.

Currently, anyone who wishes to sign up will be granted access to the website free of charge for a period of 1 year. Topics include:
Linear Equations
Linear Combination of Vectors
Gauss Jordan Elimination
Optimization Problems
The Eigenvalue Problem
Basis of a Vector Space

The website is best viewed using Firefox. However you may also use Chrome, or Safari so you can use it on your iPad if you wish. Internet Explorer 10 can also be used.