Date: May 8, 2013 3:59 AM
Author: kzelechowski@e3tech.local
Subject: MATLAB Concatenation Rules for objects

class (handle (0)) == 'root';
class (libpointer) == 'lib.pointer';
class ([ libpointer, (handle (0)) ]) == 'handle';
% Why? The documentation says: MATLAB does not convert objects to a common
superclass unless those objects derive from a member of a heterogeneous
% This is not the case:
isa (libpointer, 'math.mixin.Heterogeneous') == 0;
% So what is going on here? Moreover:
numel (superclasses (libpointer)) == 0;
numel (superclasses (handle (0))) == 0;
% So if they were heterogeneous, the superclass would be hidden. I am not
sure how to test for that.