Date: May 11, 2013 1:51 AM
Subject: why would a normal electron phase change into a positron? Chapt15.63<br> electrons of Helium seeking to be a photon structure #1360 New Physics #1564<br> ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

The answer is really quite easy and clear. So that the Maxwell
equations strives to have electrons be like that of photons-- perfect
motion of particles. Perfect in the speed of light and symmetry of

M+ M-

So that the Hund's Rule wants the Minimum Principle-- shortest path is
taken in EM, and that means the electrons occupy orbitals singularly
before they pair because in singularity they attract by Ampere's law
with all 4 iron d electrons having a parallel orbital attraction, not
a spin attraction. And when electrons start to pair up in orbitals, as
iron adds four more electrons, it is the spin that is a minimum
principle in that the spins are attraction force.

Exercise: take your right hand and thumbs up rotate and it is
counterclockwise, now your left hand with thumbs up is clockwise, but
if you have your left hand with thumbs down, it too is
counterclockwise. Here we see that spin up and spin down are in the
same direction and thus an attraction force of Maxwell Equations.

So here we have evidence that as you pair the suborbitals of d for
iron or of p for carbon that as those suborbitals are filled with two
electrons in each, the one electron turns into a positron and so the
electron is paired with a positron.

And this explains also in radioactivity, that many Beta decays are not
electrons but rather positrons, and they occur from suborbitals that
had two electrons. At least my memory is that Beta decay of positrons
are from paired up electrons in suborbitals, have to check to be sure.

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