Date: May 23, 2013 5:32 AM
Author: Albert D. Rich
Subject: The Charlwood Fifty

There has been much discussion in recent sci.math.symbolic posts about the performance of various systems on 10 integration problems from Kevin Charlwood's 2008 article "Integration on Computer Algebra Systems". An appendix to his article includes 40 more problems.

It seems to me if these problems are going be used as a test-suite, we should start by trying to reach consensus as to what the best answer is. To that end I have posted a pdf file at

showing the 50 integrals and the best antiderivatives I have found so far. This was done with the help of the article as well as Mathematica, Maple, Rubi and Derive.

If you should find substantially better ones and would like to improve the test-suite, please post them on sci.math.symbolic so I can include them in the Charlwood Fifty. Substantial improvements include significantly simpler and more compact, involve elementary rather than special functions, involve special rather than hypergeometric functions, real rather than complex, continuous rather than discontinuous, etc.