Date: Jun 5, 2013 11:23 AM
Author: JISCMail Helpline
Subject: Message from JISCMail Helpline: lists with public archives

Dear subscribers

We've had a lot of queries recently about the availability and visibility of JISCMail list archives in Google.

This is just a reminder that messages sent to a list with public archives will be available to anyone on the internet.

Your email will not be visible to non-subscribers, but remember if you reply to the list there may be information in your message which will be visible, such as your signature or attachments.

This list is configured with public archives.

JISCMail public list data has been available to search engines for many years. List owners choose whether their archives are public or private, so if you have any queries about whether a list should have public archives, then contact the list owner (see for details).

Public list archives are an important and useful source of information to the communities that we support, they enable wider collaboration across educational research, learning, teaching and support networks and encourage new members.

We hope this makes the situation clearer.


Lisa Vincent

Operations Manager
0191 222 8179

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