Date: Jul 9, 2013 3:25 AM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: The 'Dispute'/'War' between the 'PUSHERS' and the 'ENCOURAGERS'<br> (Redux)

A small part of the 'Math Wars' is, perhaps, the dispute between those who claim that:

A: Children have to be PUSHED to learn Math; and those who claim that, to the contrary,

B: Children need to be ENCOURAGED to learn Math (and they will then learn how to PUSH themselves to overcome the many barriers and difficulties they will surely encounter in their journey towards 'math competence').

A number of skirmishes in this 'dispute' within the 'Math Wars' have occurred at various threads at Math-teach.

(I have always been firmly on the side of the 'ENCOURAGERS').

One of the PUSHERS has now (probably without realising it) more or less capitulated in a post where he recounted how to himself had learned Math - see the thread "Is logic part of mathematics - or is mathematics part of logic?"

- --; and my response to it:
- -- (where I had described it as "A MINOR MIRACLE".

(I observe that this apparent very heartening progress has occurred even without the use of 'prose + structural graphics' (p+sg), which I strongly recommend to help us resolve complex issues of most kinds, including this one).