Date: Jul 15, 2013 11:11 PM
Author: Muhammad
Subject: Re: MATLAB R2011a code for LineSearch

"Muhammad " <> wrote in message <ks2bvr$6p7$>...
> I need to see the code of matlab built in function named lineSearch. I know for sure it was accessible in 2011 version but has been hidden (into a .p file which is probably compiled as i only see strange characters in it).
> I need this file because i am running an experiment, in which this function is called a few thousand times from fminunc(). Rarely this function fails with the error that search direction does not reduce the function value and after raising an exception the execution stops. So i edited the code to not raise an exception but return the exitflag as -2. I mean what the exit flag is for if exceptions are being raised? I cannot afford a halt of execution. Please help. I want to copy paste that code, into a linesearch_editted().

Each one of you can help me. Please guys, anyone? I really need it urgently...