Date: Aug 15, 2013 4:45 PM
Author: frank zubek
Subject: To GSC formulas

Say a pellet gun shoots a pellet few hundredth yards, a machine gun thousand plus yards, a canon more than that
these are all parabolas

could these parabolas be superimposed one over the other ?
or they have all different formulas. they are ALL different curves ?

I'm in a rock query and see piles under the conveyer, there are several piles all different sizes but they have same angles are they all different ?

Is this the vision what the pyramids in Egypt were build on, everyone have seen a sand-pile they are all same, very similar to a pyramid, and no math required other than stretching ropes, using plumb balls, they done it and some people like you think aliens have build it because they call it perfect indestructible, and all they needed to observe a pile of sand. Hey here is a another secret do you know that a square based pyramid is the maximum height of maximum strength WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF MATERIAL, and no Egyptian had to know this, yet it was done without this knowledge.

all spheres are radius 4 cubes plus .188790205, hey do you have some other formulas? all ellipses are just a tilted coins SAME COINS, SAME ELLIPSES.

There is no difference between this tractrix and that tractrix, or this cycloid or that cycloid, or this catenary or that catenary

enough sarcasm to keep you busy for some time.