Date: Aug 22, 2013 3:57 PM
Author: frank zubek
Subject: have to share this-one

In short I'm explaining fractions to this Princeton graduate, explaining what they mean in his synergetic, here below is my comment with initials.

24/24 is 2-F according to the fraction, because it can be reduced further 3/24 is 1/8 of 24/24 and if it is 1/8 that means that 24/24 is indeed 2 frequency because it is 8 times the size of the 1/8 portion and it also means that the edges of the polyhedron have a interval and this interval occurs in a sphere center so the 24 module tetrahedron have to be modeled with 10 spheres and not 4 spheres basically it is a CCP. (close cubic packing)

Kirby responds;

24/24 means 1 as in 1 interval as in 1-F as in D.

So again we have to accept the synergetic definition, because without it, it does not even makes a SENSE, are you Mr.
GSC still interested in synergetics ?? well if yes, please explain to Kirby what fractions mean, or even better just accept they definition, and the math curricula is then in good hands, lets just go for it ! SYNERGETICS is great.