Date: Sep 5, 2013 12:54 PM
Subject: AMTNYS

I would like to encourage everyone to attend our fall conference. There has been great discussions on the listserv and it would be wonderful to continue them in person.

On a more personal note, I will be there and would love an opportunity to speak with and brainstorm with other Algebra teachers. I plan to modify some of the lessons in the modules. I will be creating smartboard slides and would love to work out some sharing with other teachers.

The fall conference is a great opportunity and such a difficult time for teachers. AMTNYS wants to help!!! Let the program chair know what you need, we will provide sessions.

Please visit our website for conference details.

Caryl Lorandini
AMTNYS, Treasurer
LIMACON, Secretary
NCMTA, Past-President

NCAMS, Executive Board
EZ-Guide to Pre-Algebra, Author