Date: Oct 7, 2013 6:31 AM
Author: Noopur

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"Goldy" wrote in message <keemds$jnf$>...
> Hi,
> I can give a full source code which you can use it for your dessertation or project.
> you donot need to reference my name if you don't want to. As it will be a source cade made by myself which can recognize 6 different expressions.
> It will cost £19.99 GBP. If you are interested then please contact me on and i will send you an invoice.
> The code will be source code so you can make any changes you want, it was made using SVM, AND gabor filters.
> I can also make you a dessertation project report but this will be another 19.99 and you will have to use my reference for this.
> Unfortunately due to my current suituation of a very busy schedule at work, i would not be able to help any further and I would recommend for you guys to get help from your supervisors or seniors at uni.
> "Awin Johari" <> wrote in message <k7ui6m$7j8$>...

> > i am currenlty doing project for humanoid robot that shows emotion.
> > i have no basic using matlab before.
> >
> > thus,i need a coding for a system :
> > - Facial expression recognition
> > - Speech recognition
> >
> > Thank You.