Date: Oct 15, 2013 2:50 PM
Author: Dave L. Renfro
Subject: Re: Project for Sinusoids

Ngheim wrote:

> I teach Pre-Calculus and I am in need of ideas for a project on Sinusoids.
> I have done plotting temperatures in the past, but I am looking for a new
> idea. My goals for my students are:
> - - understand the connection between the unit circle and sinusoidal functions.
> - - connect sinusoids to real-world data.
> - - transform sin(x) or cos(x) to model the real-world data.

The two web pages below might give you an idea, or at least provide
suggestions for what words to search with to see if other teachers
have lessons posted on the internet on these topics:

Here's a sample search that could be useful:

Also, if you have access to a college library, you could look
through back issues (look at the table of contents) of the journal
"Mathematics Teacher".

Dave L. Renfro