Date: Oct 23, 2013 10:32 PM
Author: Tom Potter
Subject: Using the term "Relativity Effect" is stupid or religious

As can be seen by the numerous references to
RELATIVITY EFFECTS in the media, in education,
and on the Internet,

most people have been brainwashed by the Mass Media,
and by charlatans who pretend to possess
powerful, esoteric knowledge,

to think that an equation controls the universe,
rather than can be used to efficiently model
a LIMITED set of real world situations.

Considering that a body has six degrees of freedom in free space,

and is affected by external masses and charges,

and has a degree of freedom with respect
to EACH of the other bodies in the universe,

it would be more HONEST, INTELLIGENT and RATIONAL,
to refer to effects as follows:

1. Space translation effects as Euclid effects.
2. Pitch, roll and yaw as NAUTICAL effects.
3. Mass effects as Galilieo or Newton effects.
4. Charge effects as Thales effects.
5. Other body effects as Maxwell effects.

As all of these effects
AFFECT a heat differential,
this effect could be best called the Boltzmann effect.

Note that effects not covered by these effects
can be called God effects.

To see how some people have been brainwashed,
or are trying to brainwash YOU,
visit the Web sites below.
"without carefully accounting for numerous relativistic effects,
the GPS system would not work."
"Relativistic effects on satellite clocks"
"Observe the effects of special relativity
as you travel near the speed of light! "
"what we might see in a world
where the effects of Einstein's theory of special relativity
are everyday experiences."
"without including relativistic effects"
"depicts general relativistic effects"

The bottom line is:
there are NO Relativity effects
but there are effects that can be best viewed and expressed as:

1. Space translation effects
2. Pitch, roll and yaw effects.
3. Mass effects.
4. Charge effects.
5. Other body effects.
6. Boltzmann effects.
7. God effects.

The current approach of visualizing, teaching and using
effects is an inefficient Tower of Babel
that smacks of religion and cult worship.

If society is to worship anyone,
they should worship the folks
who first called attention to the effects.

The dumb and the dense should take note
that velocity is using
some mass [Newton] or charge [Thales] effect
as a tick source to quantize the rate of
space [Euclid] change,

before they put their conditioned minds in gear.

Tom Potter