Date: Oct 31, 2013 10:17 AM
Author: Bart Goddard
Subject: Re: Formal proof of the ambiguity of 0^0

Dan Christensen <> wrote in

> On Thursday, October 31, 2013 1:01:05 AM UTC-4, Bart Goddard wrote:

>> mathematician knows exactly how to deal with 0^0.

> There does not appear to be any consensus, however. You, yourself have
> admitted finding 0^0 to be ambiguous -- either 0 or 1 -- but, so far,
> all we have from you is a bit of hand-waving.

This is what you don't get, and you refuse to be taught:
There IS consensus: We all know that in different
situations, one handles 0^0 differently. You're "solution"
is to do nothing.

>> You've done nothing.
> On the contrary, I have presented a rigorous, mathematical basis,
> complete with formal proofs, for dealing with the ambiguity of 0^0

No, you've presented nothing that deals with 0^0. All of
your statements are about nonzero bases, so 0^0 is not
dealt with, it is simply ignored. I.e., you've done