Date: Nov 1, 2013 4:25 PM
Subject: comments on remaining pages of uni-text #36.1 Uni-text 8th ed.: TRUE CALCULUS

I suspect the Uni text will be about 50 pages in all which includes the 10 pages of the High School text.

When you have True Calculus, you need not those 700 to 1000 pages that the factory calculus texts grind out.

In True Calculus there are essentially a few concepts to cover:
(a) borderline of finite with infinite
(b) cells created by microinfinity
(c) derivative as the straightline connector of the leftside wall to the rightside wall of the cell
(d) integral as the area under the derivative inside a cell (every cell of an interval)
(e) power formula for aid and ease of figuring
(f) chain rule for aid and ease of figuring
(g) surface area created by 2 functions inside the cell

So basically, Calculus in College and University needs just 50 pages to explain the basic concepts and all else is homework exercise to remember those concepts.

The factory textbooks on Calculus for college and university are more like encyclopedia's of unrelated problems and where the true meaning of calculus is lost in the irrelevant limit concept.